Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Photos from the NAC Balcony

Here are a couple of the photos I promised...from the view off the balcony at the NAC. In the first picture you can see the dome of St. Peter's peeking through the trees just above the roof line. In the second photo you can see the Castel Sant'Angelo (also known as Hadrian's Mausoleum).


  1. Thanks be to God you made it safe and sound ... now you just need to get over the jet-lag, right!? You're getting over jet-lag while we're trying to get over Picnic-lag!! In case you haven't heard the auction netted $58,500+ and we sold around 4,400 meals.

    How exciting to see one again the photos of familiar places ... and such prompt posting of photos too! Enjoy your studies and hope your teachers go easy on the homework!! Had a little shower of rain today, with good possibility of more this week. Take care...

  2. Glad you made it to Rome safe and sound. Hope you have a great sabbatical. Seminary is tougher than the days when you were there?